"Epic", mosaic mural/backsplash, private residence, Baltimore, MD.



Studio is open for commissions via e-mail or phone. We now offer Video-Lessons and Video and Phone Consultations. Please contact Yulia for times and rates.


About Mosaic Sphere Studio


Yulia Hanansen's internationally acclaimed Mosaic Sphere Studio, LLC produces Fine Art mosaics in a variety of traditional and experimental techniques. Work can be made for commission or purchased from a selection of ready-to-buy pieces. All mosaics are one-of-a-kind, designed by award winning artist Yulia Hanansen. Mosaic Sphere will oversee all the aspects of mosaic planning and construction including: proposal, estimates, design, implementation, and, in most cases, installation of the project. The mission of the studio is to raise public awareness about the fine art mosaics and to demonstrate superb qualities of mosaic techniques. Our educational efforts made it possible for hundreds of people to learn how to make mosaics on their own.


Types of Mosaics We Offer:

Architectural Mosaics

Architectural mosaics include back-splashes, bathroom murals, wall murals, and other mosaic elements that add glamour to an architectural space. Mosaics are made for interior and exterior spaces, permanent or portable. Private and public clients are welcome.

Fine Art Mosaic Commissions

Fine art mosaics are wall pieces for interior or exterior spaces. These are typically portable pieces designed and manufactured at the studio and later installed on the wall. Materials used: glass, smalti, ceramics, beads, millefiori, stone, fossils, and more!

Fine Art Collection

Yulia's collection of fine art mosaics includes a variety of pieces made at the studio and available for sale. Themes include cosmic scenery, topographical views, floral designs, and other ideas.


Other types of Art We Offer:


Academically trained as a printmaker Yulia Hanansen practices her art by producing monoprints, etchings, silkscreens, and mixed media prints. Please visit "Prints and Drawings" to see the collection.


Color pencil and graphite drawings. Please visit "Prints and Drawings" to see the collection.

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Mosaic Sphere Studio

 art by Yulia Hanansen

Mosaic Sphere Studio

 art by Yulia Hanansen